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Welcome to the Aethernea Wikia

Aethernea Wiki is a database for Cloe D. Frost's Aethernea fantasy novel and podcast, that anyone can edit. Aethernea is a fantasy/mystery/adventure web novel series taking place in the magical world of Halnea.

It is currently a new Wikia page and needs to be filled up with information. Please see this page for basic information on how to contribute. You can also see a list of pages that need to be added to the wiki. Significant wikia progress will be rewarded by extra Aethernea chapters.

Progress towards a bonus chapter: 40% complete 




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World Info
Races ArgelElibuAscended
Big Cities Aelesia (Fate City)Ashar (Quest City)D'Arca (Cloud City)Malia (Arena City)Zelaih (Capital City)
Noble Families AriteArtenCardyalEenevaEryeyEtezzaFarhiceGilwynHelyotKillianReysicRrodaRuyleTanyerThayn
Guilds & Organizations Chamber of CommerceCrafter's UnionD.I.Lifeblood LeagueMonster AlliancePeacekeepersThe PurgeTemple of FateWarlord Hall
Professions / Occupations AlchemistArrayistArtificerDuplicatorEnchanterEngineerHealerHerbalistMagic BreakerMana FarmerPeacekeeperPurgerQuest SeekerSealerSpellcrafterSpell ReplicatorTamerTrackerTransmuterTreasure HunterWarlock
Creatures BaffamootBloodhoundBloodmiteClucklingDragonFirebirdGugooLifeblood ButterflyLunarLupaxMana WyrmMeepNightcrawlerPechuhPhoenixPorklingQilinThunderbirdTiwiTrackogVulpyWaterbirdXelionZisskZuzel

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