Elaru Wayvin [el-ah-roo wey-win] is the female protagonist of Aethernea novel series. She is a Tracker of unknown origin that possesses Aethernea of Sight - an additional sense that allows her so see mana, though not linked to her eyes, it does have an optical, easily recognizable change to the eyes, which she usually conceals with magic.

The story hints that Elaru is also a Shadow working for the Shadow Lodge. Her Shadow alias is currently unknown, however, it is suspected that she and the Shadow going by the name "Light" are the same person.

Background Edit

Elaru Wayvin's background is shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about her early life. In episode 16, when she was seven years old, she saved two non-mages with her life at risk. The identity of the two non-mages she saved was unknown. She also promised Wade Wayvin to never leave each other. She stated that the last time she slept with Wade and her father was three years ago.

Not much is known about her dad but Elaru recalled that her dad often put her in some bizarre situation and use experiences as some sort of training and learning process.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has long carmine red hair reaching up to her waist that she keeps tied up in a high ponytail most of the time. Her skin is tan and her lips are full and naturally red. She has black elibu markings on the left side of her face, extending down the left side of her neck to her shoulder and arm. Her eyes are fluid and animated with little dots and stripes moving in an endless repeating cycle.

Personality Edit

Elaru's personality is inconsistent and changed depending on her situation. Normally, Elaru can be seen as cheerful and reckless person but however her actions that often looked like a reckless move is actually a strategic move. She often planned ahead for every move she made and always have several backup plans in case one of her plans failed. Elaru also have a way of playing with her words that can manipulate someone simply with the truth.She is not influenced by what society and other people think and act only her own beliefs and accord. Elaru did not seem to fear death itself and often gamble with her life to save other lives.

Elaru also like to battle and challenges and felt most alive when she does. She help other people whenever she can. She is very observant and was even able to see through Kiel's true nature in just a week. It is still unclear whether or not Elaru is truly dense when it comes to love or she is simply just acting.


Aetherneal: Soulbound [Book One] Edit

Prologue Edit

Elaru Wayvin and Kiel Rroda were engaged in an intense battle in Zerean ruins with a mage. Unlike Kiel, she hardly have enough scratch on her despite the few scratches on her clothes. When Kiel destroyed the mana crystals that powered the daggers, she charged toward her opponent straight-on because the density of her mana weakened the daggers that targeted her. Before she could strike a move on her opponent, Kiel used his new move that collapsed the ancient ground of the ruins.

How It All Began Arc Edit

For the past few days, Elaru had been spying on Kiel. She sat on the highest pillar of the canyon at the same spot from dawn to dusk. When she found Kiel approaching him, she smiled and wondered what he was trying to do when he approaches her. She decided to make the first move and approach him silently with her mana concealed. When she called to his attention, she offered to help Kiel to become a student of Muni and a first class-mage. Kiel asked her how did she came to the conclusion that he needed her help. She pointed how he was born into the Rroda Family and how strange it was for him to not apply for Muni despite his thirst for the knowledge of magic. Kiel denied her and she then pointed how he truly was on the inside.

She even found out that Kiel only had little mana for him to become a sufficient mage. Kiel quickly ran away from her afterward. While he ran, Elaru simply just waited until he stopped running in circles and then quickly caught up to him by seeing his mana with her divine sight. She healed his tired body and explained how amazing Kiel's skills are as a mage and how lucky he born into a mage family that he was able to develop the skills he had. They then said goodbye to each other and agreed to meet each other again the next day.

Elaru was waiting for Kiel and was concerned of the thought of him not coming. She was glad for him to show up and shaped the earth into two earth stools for them to sit as they converse. Before Kiel started questioning her, she voluntarily signed an Oath of Truth to herself that disabling her to lie. She barely revealed anything about her despite the fact she could not lie. The only she revealed was that she not under any family banners and she was a quest seeker that do legal quests according to her. She also told Kiel about her Aethernea of Sight could be able to locate someone's mana.

Kiel pointed that Elaru is a tracker with her divine sight and she did admit that she spent a lot of time tracking down artifacts. She told Kiel the secret behind the markings of an elibu that was the trigger for the ancient oath, Aetherneal Bond. She obtained the information from the Arite Family that was casting the trigger for their own purpose. If anyone else knew they possess such knowledge, it will mean death for those who know the Aetherneal Bond. She explained the effects of the bond. She believed her encounter with Kiel was not luck but destiny.

Family Edit

In conversation, Elaru mentions several family members whose status is unknown:

Wade Wayvin Edit

Elaru&Wade-piggybackElaru and Wade are distant cousins, however, they grew up together so they are very close to the point of being closer than siblings.They even promised each other to never leave each other's side.

Her father Edit

Not much is known about her father but Elaru looked up to her father with admiration and love. She even call her father "papa."

Relationship Edit

Kiel Rroda Edit

Kiel is her Aethernea Bond's soulmate. Elaru was always there to help Kiel whenever she could. She stated that Kiel is now one of the most important person in her life because their souls are linked to each other now. Even though Elaru saw through his true nature, she accepted the way he is as a person. She also like to tease him and seem amused by his reactions and expressions. Elaru was able to see Kiel to be similar as her on some level.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Elaru Wayvin was a very talented and strong mage and she also have the possession of the Aethernea of Sight. She was considered a genius according to her father and even Kiel complimented her many times of how skilled she was as a mage.

  • Aethernea of Sight: She possess the fabled eyes that can see magic. She was able to see mana from living things and also identify the color of living creatures. However because she could see the color of living creatures, she could not tell the difference between mana source that has the same color as each other. Depnending on her state of mind and point of focus, her radius of her vision narrows to half a mile radius when she is not paying attention or sleeping. Her gift could be also use for identifying spell pattern.
  • Healing Magic: She was shown to be proficient in healing magic because she was able to heal Kiel's fatigue body. She was able to energize his tied cells with hydration and oxygen and fix damage to the muscles. That type of spell is considered complex requiring high precision and mana drain.
  • Mana Pool & Mana Regeneration: Elaru's mana is so dense that whatever objects or living creature would be damaged from the density of her mana. She usually tries to push her mana away from the object that came in contact with her if she do not have intention harming it. She even have more than enough mana for her and Kiel to use together and boasted that no other elibu could have more mana at disposal than her.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Kiel) "Friendship and love might fade. Allies might become enemies. But... as long as you remain my friend, my ally, I will remain yours. You can trust that I will not betray you unless you betray me first. You can trust that I will guard your back. You can trust that I will help you to the best of my ability. You can trust that your enemies will be my enemies. That your troubles will be my troubles."