Light magic is a transmutation type of magic that is commonly used by elibu. This spell can be used to create and destroy light in the area of its affect or where the area the mage targeted. Mana are transferred from energy to light and vice versa. Elibu often used this for lighting up their surrounding or change the color of objects. This magic could also make objects invisible by manipulating no light to shine upon the target.

The light magic allowed mages to change the wavelengths of the light frequency when the object was reflecting and absorbing the light resulted the change of color of the object. Because of elibu could manipulate the wavelengths of light, they could also be able to create illusions. In episode 14, Elaru Wayvin taught light magic to Kiel Rroda on how to conceal his mark of Aetherneal Bond by making the mark the same color as their skin color.