Mana (mah-nah) is the energy that all living creatures emit. Through various techniques, mana can cast magic.

Overview Edit

Every living thing has a different aura that they emitted to the surrounding. It is the life energy of all living things. Mana is in direct contact with the mind of the mage which reflects the intention and personality of the mage. The body of every living thing emits out mana in regular intervals. It can pass through solid matters like an air, however every material has mana resistance that allow how many mana can pass through it and how much can be kept inside.

Usage Edit

Mana Flow Edit

Most living creatures can sense foreign mana which detected the presence of others being near them. It would be difficult however if the creature has a keen sense of detecting mana. There is a technique to conceal the presence of oneself by hiding behind a crafted barrier that controlled the mana leaving away from their body. Creature that had slow mana flow would have an easier time controlling it since they only had little mana to look after. Those with fast mana flow, the technique will be extremely hard for them. For most mages, this technique is an essential to learn.

Mana Pool Edit

Each living being has a Mana Pool, a place within the spirit where mana can accumulates. The larger the Mana Pool is the more mana there would be ready to be cast into spells. When mana are being used, it will regenerate by itself but mages with faster mana regeneration can spend mana on spells faster.

Mana Weaving Edit

In order to use magic, the user must transfer mana from their soul to their target. This technique is known as Mana Flow Speed. Mages that can efficiently gather mana fast enough would be able to cast their spell faster to the point they can even cast several spells at once. Mana would then be woven into a spell which requires a lot of precision and control. The ability to weave spell is directly related with the ability to cast magic spells. Mages that can weave well can learn how to execute new spells faster than those that could not weave well.

Spell Casting Edit

Good weaving leads up to spells to be more potent, lesser time to cast, and overall better. The ability to gather mana to cast spells and the speed of weaving spells also tie in with the speed of casting spells.After the mana is weaved into a meaningful pattern, the mana would no longer be drops of individual energy and condense themselves into a spell. The spell would then needed to be control and use by a mage until it expires. The ability to wield a spell well is call spell control. Weaving mana is not done with the body but with the mind so it is possible to weave several spells at once.